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SUMMIT Football Australia Resist Soccer Ball




Resist Soccer Ball | 12 Panel Ball | The ball that blurs the line between match and training.

Embodiment of the youthful footballer craving progression, the 12-panel RESIST football is designed to feel light, fast and unapologetically easy to manipulate. Tasked with creating a youthful ball, the RESIST plays like a professional match ball, but at the price of a training soccer ball.

Plays like a match ball, priced like a training soccer ball.

Unlike the omnipresent ‘machine stitched’ large panel balls currently found loitering the fields, the RESIST challenges the establishment with thermally bonded outer, EVA foam lined PU and long-lasting wound bladder. Why choose a machine stitched ball when you can have the RESIST football. 

Large panel soccer ball means you get a bigger sweet spot

Want to keep the large sweet spot found on a 12-panel ball? Then RESIST is the upgrade to what you will currently be using. Think of it as the match quality 12 panel ball, for the price of a training ball. All the feel, control and punch of a more expensive ball, without the cost. The RESIST is a win-win for players and clubs.


  • Available in Size 5 and Size 4
  • Football Australia Endorsed
  • Embossed 0.8mm Diamond PU
  • 3.6mm soft touch EVA
  • 12 Panel for big sweet spot
  • Synthetic rubber bladder with polyester winding
  • Light feel, but full character
  • 1 year warranty


Large 12 panel 0.8mm PU with Diamond embossing. Large panels for greater sweet spot when attacking or shooting long passes to team-mates.

The design is the embodiment of the playmaker - Bold, fast and enlightening. The Tech-Dot design printed in blood red, silver and black speaks to the player that wants to rise up and resist the norm.


Compressed 3.8mm EVA is soft touch, high rebound. Fast and fun, the aim of the ball is to create exciting plays by commanding players. Want to bring action to the field? This is your ball.  


Thermally bonded zero thread construction is immune to water and dirt. The large panel construction eliminates a lot of bonding edges to offer subtleness to this normally furious ball.


Synthetic rubber latex and poly winding threads are the foundation to the fast and responsive RESIST ball. The SR bladder is sharp and has the zing that only a fast footed player can master.


1 year


Football Australia

PLAYER PROFILE: youthful, exciting and fast. Flashy but has skills. Likes to be seen and make the big plays.

SUMMIT Football Australia Resist Soccer Ball

SUMMIT Football Australia Resist Soccer Ball